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Name: Tim Doidge


I have always been hugely into my sports at and early age, playing for Plymouth Argyle academy in football, tennis and squash first teams. It was only when I joined a gym and was offered an apprenticeship was it that I realized there was something else I could dive into health and fitness wise!

As a Personal Trainer, I am a HUGE advocate for form and technique. In my opinion, being as efficient and effective as possible will always far outweigh how much weight is on a bar, no matter what your end goal! This is something that I have worked really hard on learning, the absolute best way to teach an exercise and how to make that exercise as optimal as it can be.

My mindset has always been to TEACH someone rather than SHOW someone, this is my preferred method of teaching as it is the most enjoyable for me as it is what I am passionate about!

So, ask anyone who knows me and I hope they will tell you that they’ve not only learnt a lot but also been pushed further than they ever thought they could go, no matter their goal, whether it be bodybuilding, power lifting or simply just casual gym goers!!

Future Bodies Gym is a community where we train people from all walks of life so no matter your goals we can help!



  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer


What is your favourite hobby?

I enjoy training + learning spending time my family and pooch and playing video games (yes I am a nerd at heart).

What is your favourite food?

I love a good burger, the more disgustingly unhealthy, the better!

What is your favourite thing about working at Future Bodies?

Having the opportunity to teach so many people everything I know and watch them grow and begin to love training the same way I do. Members that are always asking questions, trying to get better is why I do my job, I want EVERYONE excited for their next session!!