February 22

Meet Michelle!

Michelle has just finished her initial 6-week coaching program with us!

Michelle joined us as she had lost her momentum with her health and fitness due to a horse-related injury that affected her ability to grip and exercise.

Firstly we focussed on where Michelle’s start point was and what she could do safely around her injury, then from there, we planned out her approach to ensure she could achieve her goals with us.

Fast forward 6 weeks and Michelle…

  • Dropped 6.6lbs of body fat
  • Got her body to perform at it’s best by being properly hydrated
  • is feeling energised
  • Has gained 1.1lbs of muscle
  • Is 20% stronger and fitter
  • Has improved her grip strength
  • Has found a program that not only enabled rehab for an injury but actually achieve her goals at the same time

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