February 22

Meet Kirsty!

Kirsty has just finished her initial 6-week coaching program with us.

Prior to joining us, Kirsty was struggling to take control of her health and fitness.

Key issues included:

  1. Time management – like us all she has lots of existing commitments and was concerned she might not have enough time
  2. Apprehension of getting started, could she make enough time? Could she see it through?
  3. Motivation, she was stuck in a rut and needed a kickstart!

In Kirsty’s initial meeting we set out specific 6-week goals, those being:

  • To Lose 10-14lbs
  • To see a 20% improvement in her strength and fitness
  • To get back to gymming 2-3 times per week AND enjoy it
  • To feel energized & more toned
  • To fit into clothes better
  • To follow a nutritional plan that fits perfectly within her life with minimal social sacrifice

Fast forward 6 weeks and Kirsty has blown the roof off with her results and achieved EVERY single goal she set out to achieve with us.

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