February 22

Meet Karen!

Karen has just finished her initial 6-week coaching program with us.

Prior to joining us, Karen had a foot injury and was rightly concerned about how it was going to affect her ability to exercise.

She was also super pressed for time and didn’t want the gym to rule her life.

We set Karen some clear and achievable 6 week goals:

  • 4-8 lbs fat loss,
  • To see a minimum of 20% improvement in her strength and fitness
  • To get her to prioritise his health and fitness alongside her commitments and start something she could see herself doing for life.
  • To ensure that the gym fitted around her lifestyle and not the other way round.

Fast forward 6 weeks and Karen’s achieved all of the above and now it chasing in the target of being in the top 5% of her population for being fit, strong and healthy!

Karen it has been an absolute pleasure working with you! Now, let’s focus on the next 12 months and SMASH your health and fitness goals for good.

Change nothing, trust the process and enjoy your journey with us!

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