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Name of team member: Lynne Rogers

Bio: I love to move!!!

I enjoy challenging my body. I believe the key to optimal muscle recruitment starts with interacting with gravity. I also think knowledge is power and knowing how your body works gives you the edge. I only do stuff I think is FUN!


• IDTA Dance Teacher

• ETA Group Trainer

• ETA personal Trainer

• ETA Pilates Instructor

• Sports aerobics coach

• Johnny G Spinning Instructor

• Topspin

• Reebok Aqua instructor

• AMN Level 1 therapist

• Level 4 exercise in Pulmonary disease

• Ici indoor cycle instructor




What is your favourite hobby?

• Making stuff

What is your favourite food?

• Biltong

What is your favourite thing about working at Future Bodies?

• Great vibe among the team and the progressive attitude of the gym, actually caring about people, listening to them and getting things done!

Who's my furry sidekick?

• Well that'd be Wally, sometimes he might join me for a bit up at the gym. He gets really anxious home alone so he'd rather be with his mum, and watch the sweating, pumping and lifting, offering a nuzzle of encouragement every now and then. I hope no one will mind, it's a new environment and he gets a bit curious, he tries to listen to his mum and sit still, but it's so hard.