April 10

#JohnsBlog: Common Workout Injuries Pt. 1

Hi guys.

John here, PT and massage therapist at Future Bodies Gym in Okehampton.

Are you suffering a nagging injury that you have had for weeks, months, or even years, that will just not go away?

Here are some tips for you on your most common workout injuries and crucial tips on how to prevent them. I Hope they help.

Not enough rest, too much too soon, repetitive motions and simple wear and tear can result in pain and injuries that can frustrate and prevent you from continuing your fitness workouts.

Here is my first bit of advice on how it occurs and my tips for staying safe.

Shin splints – Pain that seems to radiate along the inner edge of your shinbone or (tibia) may be a sign of medial tibial stress syndrome, more popularly known as shin splints. Common in runners and athletes that do a lot of running and jumping, shin splints occurs when over stressed muscles in the front lower leg cause pain along the shinbone.

This muscle inflammation can crop up after only a few workouts and the risk becomes higher if you’ve recently increased the frequency or intensity of your training. Running hills, or on hard surfaces (such as concrete or asphalt) or training in worn-out shoes, also increases your risk.

How to prevent it – Wear proper shoes that are in good condition and gradually increase the intensity and frequency of your workouts, (say 10% a week), goes a long way toward preventing shin splints. Also avoid running or jogging right away.
Slowly warm up first by doing jumping jacks to get your blood moving and your muscles warm and prep those lower leg muscles for exercise.

If you are suffering from a nagging injury, or want some advice or treatment, feel free to contact Future Bodies via out contact page.


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