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Name: Alex Popa


I’m very passionate about health and fitness as I’ve always been into sports since I was a kid, therefore I’ve always tried to teach myself or learn from others how to improve my body to perform better.

The reason I got my PT qualification is to learn and teach others correct technique throughout different training types, leading to better results for clients who struggled to progress in the past.

My friends and colleagues would describe me as friendly and approachable (maybe a bit of a computer nerd!).

I enjoy working with a huge variety of people with very different goals as it challenges my versatility and knowledge base, making me a better PT and constantly keeping me on my toes!


• Level 3 Personal Trainer

• Level 2 Gym Instructor


What is your favourite hobby?

• My favourite hobbies are to play video games, football, tennis, snooker and to train at the gym.

What is your favourite food?

• Pizza.

What is your favourite thing about working at Future Bodies?

Working at future bodies was always my dream job, so I can’t think of anything I DON’T enjoy.

We have an awesome and friendly team that is really knowledgeable, which gives us all an opportunity to learn from each other. Another aspect that I really like about working at future bodies is to have the ability to change someone’s life by improving their health and well being.